$50,000 Hits at Avi Resort & Casino!

“We are all very excited here at the Avi on the big win! There’s quite a buzz on the floor as well!” said a casino representative.

Game Day:

The real excitement was in the invitation only VIP party located in the grand ballroom. Guests could feel the excitement of the game as eight large screens and premium sound surrounded them. As guests entered they were wearing either a green or orange wristband, separating fans for various raffles. Entering the second half, these wristbands no longer mattered. The room lost their team affiliation and were all rooting for the same thing… $50,000.

As the second half commenced, everyone was on their feet. The Broncos kicked off, hoping for a comeback, and then to everyone’s dismay, Percy Harvin snags the ball and takes off towards the end zone. As he was running, for each yard gained, the crowd grew louder. For the first time all night, the Broncos fans were on their feet, praying he would make it across the line! Then it happened, he scored the touchdown! The room erupted! Everyone who had registered their Advantage Card prior to the second half just won a cut of $50,000!

Other promotion sponsors turned to SCA for prize coverage. SCA paid out over $800,000 in cash and prizes:

  • Hutcheson Ford (St. James, MO) – $300,700
  • Furniture Mart (Fort Morgan, CO) – $200,000
  • Baillio’s Inc. (Albuquerque, NM) – $200,000
  • Moy Communications (Hagatna, Guam) – $50,500
  • KSZR – FM / KIIM-FM (Tucson, AZ) – $10,200
  • Rose Haven Civic Association (North Beach, MD) – $10,000
  • Cartwheel Casino & Liquor Store (Great Falls, MT) – $2,500

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