Bill Rump

Product Software Manager

One thing is immediately clear to anyone who works with Bill—he’s extremely passionate about his work. Mr. Rump creates interactive kiosk products that enhance the promotional needs of clients in the gaming, radio, trade show, banking and retail industries. And he’s the proverbial “Genius” at making it all happen with innovative ideas requiring outstanding technical expertise. As Product Software Manager for SCA, he also develops online “instant win” promotions that utilize his own proprietary web-based DrawServer® software. Before joining SCA, Bill worked in the aerospace industry and at Texas Instruments Defense Systems. He also spent time in the telecommunications arena where he developed mobile communications software.

Bill holds a Bachelor’s degree in computer science from Texas Tech University and is intent on producing top-tier promotional products that outstrip the competition. When not at SCA, he enjoys spending time with his family, devouring science fiction, hiking and camping.