Core Competencies

With over 100 years of combined gaming promotion experience, SCA Gaming personnel provide strategic support to each casino client and strive to be part of their team. Our mission is to keep the casino’s goals at the heart of what we do.

  • Slot Promotions: Drive player acquisition and retention, increase time on device and generate incremental revenue.
  • Table Game Promotions: Increase table game revenue and promote new games.
  • Tournaments: Fill slot and table game tournaments with qualified players by augmenting the prize structure with life-changing prizes of $1 Million or more.
  • Special Events: Drive attendance to special events with a targeted promotion designed to create unique experiences that build databases full of loyal customers.
  • Email, Text, Online: Technology driven promotions designed to increase effective, relevant communication with players and deliver earned rewards.
  • Direct Mail: Increase the response rates of direct mail campaigns with targeted incentives sponsored by SCA.
  • Kiosks: State-Of-The-Art prize delivery system and data collection devices. We offer enhanced customized multi-platform hardware and software designs.
  • Game Shows: Whether the choice is to run a game show on the casino floor or in a large showroom, our themed game shows offer players a true entertainment experience.
  • Scratch Cards: SCA offers affordable customized scratch cards as well as our “off the shelf” instant win cards. Scratch and win cards are a very effective tool to use in building player clubs, driving traffic on the casino floor and creating brand awareness.
  • Sports Sponsorships: Leverage your existing casino partnerships and develop new ones with brand sponsorships and fan-based prizes. Offer big prizes for half court basketball shots, field goal kicks or a home run contest.