Floor Promotions

Around The World™

Our travel-themed game board fits easily anywhere on the casino floor. Affordable and fun to play, casino guests attempt to match the preselected travel items for a luxury, all-expenses paid trip for two around the world! We will work within your budget to design a prize structure that matches your marketing needs!

Balloon Bucks

Balloon Bucks™ is SCA’s latest digital touch screen game. Cash balloons float up from the bottom of the game screen. Contestants pop balloons by tapping them on the screen to reveal cash amounts. A counter on the screen keeps track of the total amount won. SCA Gaming offers Balloon Bucks™ with property branding and custom […]

Bill Buster™

Patrons Bust Their Bills and accumulate cash with Bill Buster! Swipe To Win on a giant 70” screen creates the excitement of a live game show right on your casino floor!


SCA helps you raise the stakes on your Bingo games with fun, low cost, revenue-generating promotions. For live game play we offer Coverall/Blackout, Flashboard Bingo, Prizeboard Bingo, Pick ‘Em Games, and Custom Games. Our bingo kiosk game helps you expand bingo offerings with a virtual bingo card. Players have a chance to win the grand […]

Blackjack Bonanza™

Blackjack Bonanza™ antes up big time blackjack aimed to give your players a clear choice in your market. Qualified players have the opportunity to uncover winning hands on a custom designed kiosk. Game play is fast and easy with tiered prizes packages and extended rental options available.

Bust the Bank

Contestants open the numbered vaults to reveal cash amounts. If they reveal all of the available cash before the time runs out, they win! The Bust the Bank game show can easily be placed anywhere on the casino floor to drive excitement and engage players. SCA Gaming offers prize coverage up to $1,000,000. We’ll customize […]

Ca$h Blast™

This is not your ordinary cash machine. Ca$h Blast™ was designed to offer players the thrill of a new visual and sensory experience in a specially-designed game capsule. Blasts of cash surround players as they grab handfuls of bills, one of which may be the pre-selected bill worth up to $1,000,000!

Candies & Cash

Candies & Cash offers a unique blend of whimsical fun with the chance to win a grand prize covered by SCA! Contestants navigate the game board collecting cash and prizes by opening lollipop money bags instructing them to move a number of spaces along the game. Getting to the end before running out of turns, […]

Candies & Cash – Valentine’s Day

Candies and Cash is an engaging game board that takes players through a candy-coated land of big money payouts.

Candy House Cash

Our giant gingerbread house game board is covered with sugary delights, creating a must-see centerpiece on your casino floor. Hiding behind each piece of candy is a cash prize. Players uncover the candy treats to see what they have won! SCA offers grand prize coverage, property branding and management of casino-sponsored prizes.

Claw 4 Cash™

SCA Gaming Introduces Claw 4 Cash™ A Digital Arcade Experience Claw 4 Cash™ offers the hottest trend in gaming on a touch screen platform. The arcade-style elements in the game are designed to resonate with a cross section of your database and create wider appeal among new visitors. Players tap selected toys on the game […]

Collect & Win™

What could be easier? This fun-filled game engages customers with the chance to win big each time they swipe their card at our self-serve kiosk. Reward your players with cars, a new home, or cash up to $1,000,000, courtesy of SCA! With Collect & Win™ we offer exciting, content-rich custom game designs that can be […]

Cookin’ Up Cash™

Qualified players earn their spot on the Cookin’ Up Cash™ game show through earned play on slots and table games. After donning a chef’s hat and coat, contestants choose ingredients from the game display they hope will be the right combination to win the big prize! Cookin’ Up Cash fits anywhere on the casino floor […]

Countdown to Cash Gameboard

Countdown to Cash

Ring in the New Year in style with our giant champagne game board! How it works: The LED timer on the label is set to 30 seconds Contestants choose a champagne bubble enclosing the hidden prize If a Casino Logo appears, the host will turn on the light on the bottle, from bottom to top, […]

Derby Dash For Cash™

Bring high-stakes racing to your casino floor! Derby Dash For Cash™ is a virtual interactive promotion that runs on our giant 70” touch screen. Designed for multiple players to play at the same time, this high energy racing-themed game generates lots of excitement as guests race to the finish line to win prizes ranging from […]

Fishin For A Fortune™

Check Out the Video Our fishing-themed interactive game Fishin For A Fortune™ is designed to make a big splash on the casino floor with its beautiful Flash animation and fun-filled game design. Offer qualified players the chance to win big! Integration to player tracking systems gives casinos the opportunity to offer tiered prizes based on […]

Formula Won Racing™

Formula Won Racing™ allows customers to experience the thrill of racing in a unique custom kiosk game. Players select 3 cars in order of winning and receive a printed ticket with their picks. The race begins as players watch to see if their cars cross the finish line first. We offer prize coverage up to […]

Fortune 8 Ball™

We are not fortune tellers, but we can tell you that a chance to win a “Fortune” in cash awaits your players with our Fortune 8 Ball™ promotion. SCA’s Fortune 8 Ball™ game is designed to give casino operators a high-impact promotion with flexible prize payouts up to $1,000,000!

Fortune Phone™

Casino guests qualify for a chance to “Win A Fortune” playing SCA’s Fortune Phone™, a life-sized touch screen with customizable apps. Players attempt to uncover the winning symbols and win the grand prize by choosing customizable apps featured on the screen!

Fortune Teller

The Amazing Fortune Teller is a unique interactive kiosk promotion. The seer issues voice commands inviting players to step up and see what great things are in their future. SCA offers prize coverage up to $1 Million on Fortune Teller. Click the video and prepare to be amazed!

Hula Moola™

SCA’s Hula Moola™ promotion has been a casino favorite many times over. This whimsical island-themed game resides on our powerful PrizePro65 kiosk platform which offers multi-level player interaction. Tiered prizes based on player demographic and budget, custom graphics, powerful reporting capabilities and the chance for your players to win an SCA covered grand prize means […]


Players love Kachingko™. This familiar Hollywood-style game offers patrons a high-impact entertainment experience you have to see to believe! Assembled crowds cheer as contestants drop game pucks down the board in hopes of landing on the SCA-covered grand prize. Guaranteed prizes ensure that everyone walks away a winner in this game! Our best-selling KaChingKo! game […]

Leap into Cash – Gameboard

Our colorful, whimsical Leap Year themed game board, Leap Into Cash, engages and delights casino patrons. Players navigate the game by collecting cash and prizes as they move from lily pad to lily hoping to get the top of pond and win the grand prize.

Mardi Gras Spin a Million

Draw jubilant Mardi Gras-loving patrons to your property with our Mardi Gras Spin a Million promotion. Our giant three wheel spin game is adorned with “all things Mardi Gras” to create a holiday showcase on the casino floor. Players spin the wheels to land on cash and prizes. Lining up three masks results in a […]


MegaDraw™, our all new lottery-inspired game, gives casinos the chance to offer guests big money cash and prizes up to $10 Million! Qualified players swipe their club cards at the MegaDraw™ kiosk. They have the option of choosing their own lucky numbers or doing a quick pick. A receipt is printed with the player’s lucky […]


It’s all in the numbers! SCA’ Gaming’s MegaVault™ is helping casinos around the country make their “numbers” in gaming revenue and increased ROI! Patrons come to the casino with the hope of winning big money prizes, so why not let them actually see it? MegaVault is designed to show off massive stacks of cash. To […]

Million Dollar Deal™

This game show-style promotion offers up big money prizes and even bigger excitement for your casino. The contestant who opens the winning suitcase combination becomes an instant millionaire! Game play is totally customizable and flexible prize structures based on your budget are available.

Million Dollar Mission™

Welcome to Million Dollar Mission™, where contestants race to unlock the secret code for the opportunity to win up to $1 Million! Guaranteed to attract even the most demanding players, Million Dollar Mission delivers on every level. Each contestant keys in a code of their choice, and if they choose wisely, they win $1,000,000! Secondary […]

Mole Money

Game Board Digital Available now as a game board, our popular Mole Money™ promotion lets patrons get closer than ever to those pesky moles stashing cash! Contestants who find all the money moles before his or her turn is up, win the grand prize, otherwise the contestants keep the cash accumulated during play. The Mole […]

Passage to Riches

Pack your bags and get your passports ready for SCA Gaming’s newest interactive promotion. An island adventure is a player’s card swipe away for your lucky patrons.

Press for Cash™

SCA Gaming’s digital game show, Press for Cash™, will generate new excitement on your casino floor. With the ability to customize Press for Cash™ and its versatility to be programmed on any of our PrizePro™ series kiosks, this promotion is sure to be your next big winner! Contestants play by swiping their player cards at […]


Punchout™ is remarkably successful in engaging guests and getting them to respond and take part in the promotion. The eye-catching game design, boxing robe and gloves and the interactive nature of the game make it a real crowd pleaser. Contestants punch through prize circles looking for the winning message!

Red Carpet Riches

“Star” contestants choose four golden stars from the red carpet. Each chosen star will advance the contestants up the red carpet. Each landing space on the game board has a prize value as contestants accumulate prize money along the way. Reaching the very end of the red carpet in four selections, earns the player the […]

Scoops O Cash

Rolling into your Neighborhood this Summer Our life-size ice cream truck is the perfect summertime attraction! Rather than dispensing tasty treats, the Scoops O Cash game board gives patrons the opportunity to win cash prizes. Players select their four favorite treats and if all four choices match the winning combination, they win the Grand Prize. […]

Shiver Me Treasure™

Introducing our latest game show, $1 Million Shiver Me Treasure! Pirate loot awaits your players as they follow the map on their way to discovering the $ 1 Million Treasure! This exciting game show was designed to generate profitability for the casino operator, with flexible prize payouts that meet their budget and marketing goals.


SCA’s vGame™ platform is designed to be a “Major Attraction” unlike any other. Contestants play the virtual games using our giant 70” touch screen to win prizes. This versatile, high impact, high-energy game allows multiple players to win prizes ranging from merchandise up to a cool $1,000,000, compliments of SCA! With all vGame promotions, we […]

What's Your Guess Vault

What’s Your Guess – MegaVault

Players are asked to guess the total value of the stress balls in the vault for the chance to win cash and prizes. A chart on the vault displays what each colored ball is worth. Patrons enter their guess into the keypad on the front of the vault. To win the SCA-covered grand prize, patrons […]