Kiosk Solutions

SCA Gaming has combined leading technology with over 100 years of promotion experience to develop the gaming industry’s most innovative full-service promotional platform on the market today.

With the introduction of our PrizePro™ Series, we offer gaming operators several promotion platforms to choose from, all designed with flexibility in mind.

PrizePro 17

A desktop unit less than 20" high with a footprint only 13" deep. It features a Windows operating system, dual hard drives for data protection, a card reader and a high-speed printer. Continue Reading »

PrizePro 19

Full sized kiosk 6' tall with a 3' base, a 17" LCD touch screen, and a 19" display screen that runs independently. Continue Reading »

PrizePro 22

Reaching more than 6’ high and residing on a 3’ base, PrizePro22 is a full service kiosk. Dual screen functionality, the bottom screen measuring 22”, allows for separate video and game content to run concurrently. The 32” top screen can be positioned vertically or horizontally. Continue Reading »

PrizePro 42

A sleek and stylish kiosk, 75" tall x 29" wide x 29" deep. It features a vertically mounted 42" touch screens with connections for card readers and printers. Available in a variety of finishes. Continue Reading »

PrizePro 65

A two-piece game consisting of a 73" x 27" x 100" main frame and a 27" x 23" x 38" podium. The main frame houses game display screens that are activated by pulling the handle on the podium. Continue Reading »

PrizePro 70

Screen dimensions of the PrizePro70™ model are 30" X 25" X 100". This game platform includes a 27" X 23" X 38" podium with pull handle. Continue Reading »

PrizePro 3.1

This game platform consists of one 65" HD screen and three 46" LCD screens, combined to display large scale animations. Continue Reading »