Linda Gordon

Director of Marketing

Linda-gordon Linda Gordon is a seasoned professional highly regarded in the gaming industry. Under her aegis, SCA Gaming has expanded its brand identity and business development efforts with strategies that identify key targets and areas of opportunity. As an experienced gaming executive, both in casino operations and marketing, Gordon believes that sustaining valued relationships leads to customer satisfaction and the retention of talented team members.

In her career, Linda has been responsible for generating initiatives involving multi-channel marketing solutions for CRM, player acquisition and evolution, increased profitability and the development of gateway processes to analyze program effectiveness. Gordon is known for outstanding success in creating vital client and industry partnerships designed to achieve relevant, measurable results.

Recognized as a powerhouse in the gaming industry, Linda came to SCA after 20 years of successful work with Boyd Gaming where she served in senior executive positions. Responsible for IT operations at the Stardust Resort, Linda was asked to move to casino marketing where she led the marketing teams as director of special events, tournaments and promotions.

Linda serves on the board of directors of the Casino Direct Marketing Association.
Her mantra, Be Kinder than Necessary in All Things.