Loyalty Program

Prize Pro™ Promotion System is the foremost promotion technology platform in the gaming industry. Prize Pro™ systems combine innovation with targeted strategies that give gaming operators ways to:

  • Increase profitability across the gaming floor
  • Build customer acquisition and reward player loyalty
  • Generate incremental trips and develop player tier to tier aspiration strategies
  • Promote games and events
  • Provide players with new and exciting gaming experiences

PrizePro System Software is designed to run promotional games, virtual drawings, view account information, collect registration data, conduct surveys, and print prize tickets/receipts as per information provided by casinos.  Software can be configured in a stand-alone mode or integrated with a casino’s player tracking system to identify and validate players, allow additional plays and award prizes and coupons based on points earned, tier level or special interest.

PrizePro systems offer both off-the-shelf games and games customized to serve individual properties and individual promotional strategies. In custom-designing promotional games for our clients, SCA’s team of experienced professionals consult closely with casino operators to learn how to best serve their marketing and operational objectives. We accommodate their physical space. We interface with their administrative systems. Then we build, implement, test and support the right PrizePro Promotion Platforms to maximize profitability and ROI.

Using PrizePro Promotion Platforms, casino operators enjoy the flexibility to determine how prizes will be awarded and award higher-end prizes to higher-tiered players. Floor promotions can be combined with kiosk promotions. Prizes can be awarded based on odds, based on time, drawn from pre-determined prize lists or any combination of the three. Promotions can be based on player demographics, run only during certain times of the day or week, or require a certain level of play to enter. Both standard and customized reports can be run from any computer.

SCA Promotion’s unique capabilities give casino operators the ability to offer “Life Changing” mega-prizes up to $5,000,000 on any of our PrizePro games with no risk to casino owners or operators.