Playing the Right Cards in the Insurance Game

Bob Hamman, a 12-time world bridge champ, has taken advantage of his competitive decision-making skills to start SCA Promotions, a unique prize-indemnity insurer. By his own account, Hamman, 72, played his first game of poker at age 6 or 7. He dropped out of college because competitive bridge was more appealing, and played for money before entering the insurance business in 1966. He’s a 12-time world bridge champion and 50-time North American champion.


The business Hamman founded in 1986 is based on games and odds as well, which may account for the barely suppressed glee with which he talks about it.

Dallas-based SCA Promotions is a prize-indemnity insurer, better known as “the company that offers hole-in-one insurance” because of its roots in golf. But almost since its inception, SCA Promotions has been much more. It also bills itself as a designer and turnkey deliverer of prize promotions to its client customers, which range from Fortune 500 giants like McDonald’s and Allstate to Native American casinos.


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