Promotional Risk Coverage

Casinos continually look for creative ways to build their brand, drive traffic and increase play. Most often, the solution lies in mega-jackpot offers that involve financial risk for the casino. For the past 20 years, SCA Gaming has provided prize coverage in excess of $700 million to gaming operators around the globe. We offer coverage for specific outcomes on casino games such as bingo and keno. SCA provides bonus coverage of slot and table game tournaments, free slot pulls and outcomes on designated hands or bets on live table games.

We figure the odds for each promotion based on the expected response and the probability of a winner. SCA secures the coverage for the prize offered by placing the risk with an A+ insurance company. Fees to the casino are typically based on the prize value being offered. Grand prize coverage up to $5 Million or more can be offered with zero risk to the promotion sponsor. In the event a casino patron beats the odds, SCA pays.

SCA Gaming’s contingent prize coverage supplies the leverage to help casinos rise above their competition and increase market share.