Mole Money

Game Board


Mole Money Game Board Mole Money PP46 Kiosk
Available now as a game board, our popular Mole Money™ promotion lets patrons get closer than ever to those pesky moles stashing cash! Contestants who find all the money moles before his or her turn is up, win the grand prize, otherwise the contestants keep the cash accumulated during play.

The Mole Money™ game board is offered with or without grand prize coverage. Choose your own rewards such as free play, points, dining credits and retail offers. Your game will be branded for your property and set-up is easy.

Our Mole Money™ kiosk game brings the fun of an arcade to your casino floor.

Play begins as moles pop up and back down in their mole holes. Players earn cash by tapping moles as the pop up on the giant touch screen. Pesky moles are no problem for players who smash as many moles as they can before time runs out!

Mole Money™ is a digital attraction designed to delight your players. Drive incremental revenue daily or on targeted dates throughout the month. Offer cash, free play, points, or other rewards. We will manage your sponsored prizes and provide prize coverage up to $5,000,000.