Robert Hamman

Founder and CEO, SCA Promotions

When he’s not competing in national and international bridge tournaments, Bob Hamman – ranked the world’s top bridge player in 1983 and from 1985 thru 2004 – can be found inventing new promotional sweepstakes and gaming contests and developing the mathematical models used to rate the risks and analyze the odds associated with large money promotions.

Hamman, who founded SCA Promotions in 1986, has built the company into the world’s largest provider of prize coverage for promotions, contests and games. He is behind many of the million-dollar challenges seen at nationally televised sports events, as well as the online lotteries and sweepstakes that have transformed the promotional industry in recent years. He has planted a $500,000 promotional prize in a Hershey’s bar, guaranteed the performance bonuses of professional golfers and race car drivers, and covered prizes in fishing tournaments, fast-food restaurant chain contests, consumer products scratch-and-win campaigns, casino jackpots, bingo, radio and television contests and even an olive-in-one toss into a martini.

Prior to launching SCA Promotions, Hamman managed his own insurance brokerage firm, Hamman Group Insurance Services Inc. He has also spent the past four decades working as a professional bridge player. Arguably the best known name in bridge, Hamman has won 12 world championships, over 50 national championships and was named American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) player of the year three times – including 2006. He was inducted into the ACBL Hall of Fame in 1999. A native of Los Angeles, Hamman moved to Dallas in 1969 when Ira Corn hired him to play on his professional bridge team, the Aces, which brought the world championship back to the U.S. in 1970.

Hamman’s education in figuring odds came from studying mathematics at California State University at Northridge and from what Hamman terms “the school of hard knocks at the bridge table”. Hamman is author of “At The Table – My Life and Times,” an autobiography and bridge guide written with Brent Manley. It recounts his career as a professional bridge player.