Special Events

Countdown to Cash Gameboard

Countdown to Cash

Ring in the New Year in style with our giant champagne game board! How it works: The LED timer on the label is set to 30 seconds Contestants choose a champagne bubble enclosing the hidden prize If a Casino Logo appears, the host will turn on the light on the bottle, from bottom to top, […]

Deal of a Lifetime™

Bring the sizzle to your next blackjack event or tournament finale with “Deal of a Lifetime”. Excitement builds as players take a seat at the table for their “bonus” hand of blackjack, which could be their Million Dollar “Deal of a Lifetime!” Maximize the moment by offering payoffs for other designated hands, courtesy of SCA!

Exclusive VIP Events

Your VIP events can be more alluring than you think! SCA makes it possible for you to offer your high-end players an exclusive experience designed around your property and your guests! We offer loyalty-generating promotions that include virtual drawings, custom game boards, money bags, themed game shows, and treasure hunts. With an SCA-covered grand prize, […]


SCA was one of the first companies to offer golf hole-in-one insurance and we certainly know how to do it! Casinos get the added lift of differentiating their golf events from their competition with affordable prize payouts and extended coverage. Multi-hole insurance and putting contest prizes up to $1,000,000 are available to delight players and […]

Large Audience Special Events

There are times when casino operators ask SCA Gaming to create a unique special event promotion based on their vision and brand strategy. SCA works closely with the casino to turn their vision into a reality. In many cases, the promotion requested is a live game show played out in front of a large audience. […]

Roll of a Lifetime

SCA’s dice roll promotion ignites the casino floor with excitement as eligible players take their place at the dice table. Each player will roll the dice for their chance to win a life-changing prize. Boost table game revenue and generate record ROI with SCA’s Roll For Riches!

Tournament EventPro™

SCA’s EventPro™ helps manage and simplify tournament administration and the guest experience, resulting in reduced labor costs. With the swipe of the guest’s player card, the EventPro kiosk automatically manages the tournament process, from qualification based on casino criteria, to registration and scoring assist. The EventPro software also calculates and displays tournament leaders on the […]